Propeche liferafts - Atlantic Marine Supplies Ltd.
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Propeche liferafts

Range: 6 persons

Throw over inflatable liferafts for FMM fishing vessels.
– Length: less than 12 m
– Capacity: 6 persons
– Type: PROPECHE Class V (06 TO) or PROPECHE Class VI (06)
– Packed in a container, fitted on a dedicated cradle and with HAMMAR H20 approved hydrostatic release unit

– The integration of the PROPECHE Class V onboard is facilitated by the cradle (on which the container is fixed & secured) and its interface (fixed on deck). The container with cradle are easily removable for servicing as required by D227 French regulation.

– Manufactured with a durable polyurethane coated fabric
– Assembled using Thermobonding™ (advanced hot assembly technique), our liferafts are:
* Consistent (computer-controlled technique)
* Inert to aging factors in marine environments
* Extremely strong and safe when loaded
* Easy to service and fit in small light glass reinforced plastic containers
* Can be dropped from up to 36 meters
* Equipment packs sealed in strong watertight bags, secured inside the liferafts
* Approved EPIRB on request

Life rafts